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Solar lighting works by gathering energy from the sun, through solar panels. Solar panels are made up of many solar cells joined together that absorb this solar energy, which can be transformed into stored energy with the use of rechargeable batteries. This stored energy is what solar lights use to power the luminaires during the night. The smart controller within solar lighting systems can identify when solar energy is no longer being generated, as at dusk, and automatically turn on the light. Following the same pattern, when the controller identifies solar energy is being generated again, as at dawn, the light will turn off

The standard operating profile for all SCQLs solar lights are designed for reliability, with the aim of ensuring lights stay on throughout the night – from dusk to dawn. Also, given a fully charged battery, there will be enough power for the light to stay on for a minimum of 3 nights.

Typically 4-6 hours of charging during the day, 8-12 hours of continuous lighting at night.

You can use solar lights anywhere! Solar lights can be used for many different applications, thanks to being standalone systems – meaning you can install them anytime, any place without having to worry about access to grid energy, difficult trenching or cabling.
Some examples of solar lighting applications:
Street lighting
Pathway lighting
Park & public space lighting
Security & safety lighting
Car park & parking lot lighting
Shelter lighting
Jetties & coastline lighting
Mining & industry lighting
Temporary lighting

There are many reasons solar lights are a cost-effective lighting solution. Here are a few:
Solar power is a renewable energy source, there are no ongoing energy bills.
They are much less expensive to install compared to traditional grid lighting, with no need for expensive trenching costs or cabling.
Easier to install, not requiring an electrician.
Less overall maintenance, using highly reliable LED lighting and lithium ion batteries.

It has a unified no-logo packaging, the product can be without the logo of SCQLS, the customization needs to reach 300 lights, and any reasonable requirements for the product can be customized.

Contract and Cooperation

We are looking for wholesaler, agents, and distributors.

We support two cooperation modes:
1. Buy a certain number of lights directly from us, the local price is set by yourself, and the difference is your profit;
2. Your side is only helping to promote and find customers. Once a customer pays a deposit and needs to buy lamps, we will deliver them immediately, and what you will get is a high commission;

Yes. We will provide a certificate of authorization and make sure there will only be one proxy locally.

Yes, sample order is also welcome. In some cases we can offer free samples for test.

We only accept 50% deposit, and 50% before shipment. Paypal and Payoneer are also OK. You will get images and video for your lights manufacturing and packaging.

The minimum order quantity is generally 50. For some customized lights, there may be some other MOQ.

With EU certified CE, FC, ROHS product certification, quality is guaranteed.

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